Exciting Things to Do in Los Angeles

Photo by Jessica Weiller

Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in the United States and one of the most renowned cities in all the world. It's a bustling, beautiful city full of gorgeous beaches, nightlife and all sorts of attractions. Instead of asking what can you do in Los Angeles, the better question is, what can't you do in Los Angeles? From Disneyland to Griffith Observatory, there's so much to do and see. If you're coming to visit for a week or so, you want to have the best experience possible. Here are some things to do in Los Angeles.

Studio Tours

Have you ever wanted to get a firsthand glimpse of the movie and television industries? If so, a studio tour is right up your alley. Los Angeles is famous for its entertainment, and this is the perfect way to experience it. Some of the best-known studios offer tours, including Universal, Warner Bros., Sony, and Paramount. Here, you'll be able to see iconic movie sets, props and maybe even spot a famous star about to do some filming.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

There are art museums, and then there are art museums. The LACMA is a one-of-a-kind experience. Its three floors of absolutely dazzling works, ones that are likely to leave you positively breathless as you assess them. It's gorgeous at first sight when you enter through the Urban Light display, comprised of over 200 street lamps by artist Chris Burden. Inside the museum, you are bound to come across all sorts of innovative works that remind you of just how well creativity and genius can work together to produce something magnificent.

Los Angeles Zoo

You can see and learn about all sorts of exotic animals at the famous Los Angeles Zoo. Here, you can feast your eyes on the likes of chimpanzees, gorillas, mandrills, alligators, iguanas, eagles, macaws, and much, much more. There's an absolutely astonishing array of diverse wildlife to be seen at the Los Angeles Zoo. The zoo also works in conjunction with conservation efforts around the globe to keep some of our most vulnerable species properly protected.

Eat at Bestia

Los Angeles is absolutely filled with great restaurants, and it's hard to pinpoint one as being the absolute best. However, one of the top-ranked ones has the word "Best" in it. Bestia, an acclaimed Italian restaurant owned by husband and wife Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis, features such delectable dishes as gourmet antipasti, pizza, pasta, and desserts. If you love Italian food, you don't want to pass up a chance to experience it at Bestia.

Exchange LA

If you're looking to cut loose and get your dance on, LA has plenty of reputable clubs for exactly that. One of the best is Exchange LA. At this venue, all sorts of acclaimed DJs come through to bring down the house in the best way possible. When you're dancing all your worries away, you'll remember why you came.