Discover Legoland California

Located in the stunning seaside city of Carlsbad, Legoland California is one of the state’s most entertaining and versatile attractions. Whether you’re a current resident of the Golden State looking for some local fun or a parent planning your family’s big yearly vacation, Legoland California’s got everything you need to guarantee an epic trip.

Thrills and Spills at the Theme Park

Boasting more than 60 kid-friendly rides, Legoland’s theme park is both an adrenaline booster and visually stunning. While the more adventurous members of the family swoop and swerve aboard the Coastersaurus, a jungle-themed roller coaster revolving around an 1,100-pound Brachiosaurus, fans of world travel can get their kicks strolling through the Adventurer’s Club, a recreation of locations such as ancient Egypt and the Arctic tundra. If all this doesn’t seem impressive enough, don’t forget that every dinosaur, entombed pharaoh and towering iceberg is carefully crafted out of thousands of Lego bricks!

Slides and Rides at the Water Park

There’s no better way to cool off on a sizzling California day than splashing, spraying and sliding down chutes at the water park. At Legoland, dry rides aren’t the only thrillers. Zoom down the Splash Out slide or sit comfortably on one of the Pirate Reef’s boats as you fire water cannons at passing rivals. Guests looking for activities a bit more on the relaxing side will find solace on the Build-A-Raft River, where guests can make their own unique Lego rafts before floating peacefully down the river.

An Aquarium Education

Much of the water in Legoland is home to an assortment of aquatic creatures, all of which can be studied at the Sea Life Aquarium. From sharks and octopi to jellyfish and stingrays, the mysteries of the deep come alive through educational talks and hands-on learning. Special events such as feeding demonstrations allow guests to gain both useful knowledge and an unforgettable experience interacting with the aquarium residents. Sea Life Aquarium is located on the Legoland campus, but does require an additional entrance fee, or admission can be purchased in conjunction with a Legoland visit.

Where to Stay

Once you’ve got your eye on a trip to Legoland California, you’ll no doubt be looking for a fun place to stay. Fortunately, fun is in no short supply at Legoland, and the experience is complete with a stay at one of the park’s themed resorts. From pirates and ninjas to the beloved Lego Friends franchise, themed rooms offer both kids and adults an exciting way to stay immersed in the brick world. Special events like nightly children’s entertainment are an additional bonus.

Something for Everyone

Whether you’re a longtime fan of the Lego universe or simply looking to give your kids an experience they’ll never forget, a stay at Legoland California is sure to provide a plethora of wonderful memories for the whole family. From heart-pumping rides on roller coasters and water slides to spending the night in a bed built from Lego bricks, Legoland California truly has something for every member of the family!